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Condition Assessment


It’s my belief that physiotherapy combined with the correct exercise interventions are needed for a full recovery of your injury.  This means it is vital that the correct diagnosis is made and precise exercises are given for you to regain full fitness.Your first consultation will include a thorough discussion and assessment of your pain, a diagnosis will be made then explained to you in full detail. Following this assessment/diagnosis treatment will be provided and advice will be given regarding exercises needed for you to help manage your rehabilitation. If further treatments are required you will be told approximately how many sessions will be needed.

Back & Joint Pain


According to The British Pain Society almost 10 million people suffer back pain on a daily basis, and recent publications have suggested low back pain as being the leading cause of disability worldwide.  Whether the problem be degeneration, wear and tear (arthritis), hyper/hypomobility or quite simply a joint dysfunction – physiotherapists are arguably best placed to treat your condition.  There are a range of options available to treat back and joint pain, the choice of this treatment and the approach taken will be dependent on pain levels and presentation of your injuries.

Sports Injury

Sports injuries are commonly seen in practice and are relatively easily treated providing the right diagnosis is made. Getting this right and accurately identifying the cause of the injury is vital in not just the treatment of that injury but also in the prevention of that injury happening again. Muscle strains and tears, ligament sprain and strains and tendon ruptures are often just symptoms of a biomechanical fault elsewhere in the body. Joint subluxations/dislocations are also commonly seen and treated in clinic and, as with soft tissue injuries, using the correct treatments to address these conditions is of paramount importance to prevent re-occurrence of that injury.

Headaches & Migraines


It is currently reported that as much as 80% of headaches and migraines come from the neck and the upper three segments of the spine.  By carrying out a skilled clinical examination it is possible to determine the source of your headache/migraine and thus devise an effective treatment plan to treat such conditions. Treatment is aimed at realigning the upper segments of the cervical spine and in doing so addresses any muscle imbalances; both of which can also be the cause of dizziness, vertigo and idiopathic eye pain.


There are many forms of soft tissue massage, most of which can be used for the treatment of muscle, ligament and tendon injuries. The type of massage technique used is informed by the injury and location of that injury.  


Massage therapy is not just used to treat soft tissue injuries, it can also be used to help keep the body in a good physical, physiological and psychological state. It helps move fluid through blood vessels and lymph vessels, it improves tissue elasticity, it reduces pain and enhances relaxation and can also help reduce anxiety levels.  


Having a regular maintenance massage can therefore help in the prevention of injuries and when used following a sporting event can help aid the body’s natural healing process. 

Post Op Rehab


Post-operative rehabilitation is vital to ensure optimum recovery and a successful outcome following surgery. The aims of treatment are to reduce pain and swelling, promote healing, restore joint mobility, strength and flexibility.  Pre-operative rehabilitation is also important to ensure your operation is successful and has a good outcome. The aims of treatment are to reduce pain, improve strength and mobility, prepare you mentally for surgery and give you advice regarding exercises that you will need to carry out immediately after your operation.


Common surgeries requiring pre and post-operative care:-

  • Spine (neck and back): Discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion/Stabilisation

  • Shoulder: Replacement/Resurfacing, Rotator Cuff Repairs, Labral Debridement, Arthroscopy, Tendon and Ligament Repairs

  • Hip: Joint Replacement/Resurfacing, Labral Repair, Osteotomy

  • Foot/Ankle: Arthroscopy, Ligament Repair, toe surgery, Achilles Tendon Rupture


Matthew Barnaby

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy


The founder of Lea Physio and resident physiotherapist, Matthew started his career in physiotherapy back in 2005 working as a physiotherapy assistant in a private clinic in Ware. He continued to work there while studying at the University of Hertfordshire where he graduated in 2012 with an honours degree in Physiotherapy.


Once qualified Matthew went on to work at alongside Consultant Physiotherapist Wendy Emberson, where he continues to work part-time whilst operating his own clinic, Lea Physio.


Matthew has continued with his professional development and has completed a number of post graduate courses, these include:-

Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine

2013: Module A – Cervical spine and upper limb

2014: Module B – Lumbar spine and lower limb

2017: Module C – Thoracic spine & Sacro-illiac joint, Advanced techniques


Watson Headache Approach

2013: level 1 (Foundation)

2014: Level 2 (Consolidation)


Matthew is currently studying towards a MSc in Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Meet Matthew


I first went to see Matt following a long time out of football due to a knee injury. I had been to  see other health professions but Matt was the first person I saw who gave me a diagnosis for my pain. Following a referral to a Dr and a subsequent scan and operation I am now back playing football. I will always see Matt now for further treatments and have recommended him on to so many other people. Thanks Matt.


Dave Crate

Ware, Herts

I have known Matthew Barnaby for a number of years.  He has treated me for the disc bulges in my back which caused excruciating painful sciatica in my leg. Also, having suffered a vertigo attack which left me with permanent dizziness he identified that my C2 vertebrae in my neck was out of alignment.  Matthew's treatment on my leg and neck have, in the first case enabled me to walk again pain free and in the second case reduced my dizziness in that taking a shower is again a normal event!  He is a very experienced and well qualified Physiotherapist and I would certainly recommend him. He certainly has helped me.

Mary Dyer

Ware, Herts

I have been a client of Matt. for some 14 years, being treated on a regular basis. Some visits are for remedial work but mostly to maintain a level of physical fitness. Matts excellent medical knowledge enables him to pinpoint any problem, often before damage is done, and administer the necessary treatment to prevent further injury.  I am often asked how I am able to remain so active at my advanced age, I am 80 years old. I am convinced that my regular visits to Matt are to a great part responsible for my on going fitness. I hope to continue using his skills for many years to come.


George Crossman

Roydon, Essex

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